Yerba Mate Review: Cruz de Malta (elaborada con palo)

Notas: This is the red and white 1 kilo bag.

Producto de: Argentina

Olor: There is a strong grassy smell with mild smokey undertones.

Polvo: Average. Maybe a little less that average. At work, I typically divide a kilo into several containers, which means I pour the whole bag out. Typically the last stuff out of the bag is just junk dust, but I'm able to make drinkable brew from what's left over here.

Sabor: Rich and smokey. The smoke is fairly strong in the first brewing, and overpowers the flavor a bit. There is a yerba flavor, though, and it's not too bitter. Subsequent brewings have mellowed the smokiness.

Resultado: 4,5 de 5. Cruz de Malta is one of my favorites. Whenever I restock my yerba mate, I always get a kilo of Red and White Cruz de Malta. It's my go-to mate.