Yerba Mate Review: MaƱanita (elaborado con palo)

Producto de: Argentina

Olor: The smell is fairly smokey. So much so, that the yerba smell is almost overpowered.

Polvo: It seems to be about average for dust content. I haven't had any problems drawing the tea through the bombilla.

Sabor: The smokey smell carries over into the brew itself. There isn't a very strong mate flavor that I can find. This means that it's not very bitter, which may be good for some. Continuing refills and longer steeping times do create a stronger flavor, though it's still largely smokey with mate undertones, instead of the reverse. After several rebrews, the smokiness has mellowed, but the mate still isn't really shining through. It's a good flavor, but not a strong one.

Resultado: 3,5 de 5. While it's not my favorite, it's not bad. I would buy it again, and I'll have no complaints finishing this kilo.