Why Microsoft is Garbage: Exhibit 80million and 1

I'll just layout the steps here:

  1. Buy Minecraft from the original develepor Mojang a few years back.

  2. Play Minecraft

  3. Microsoft acquires Mojang. Initially changes nothing.

  4. Play Minecraft

  5. Microsoft deprecates Mojang logins...requires a new Microsoft account.

  6. Ignore. Play Minecraft

  7. Deadline looms, Microsoft continually harps on creating a new account.

  8. Relent...click link in ominous email.

  9. Go to website...just fine. Click "convert" button...error.

Reload...error. Change network...error.

  1. Use Microsoft garbage web browser Edge instead of Firefox...success. (of course)

  2. Create new Microsoft account.

  3. Login with MS account.

  4. Minecraft bails: not logged in to dumpster fire app store

  5. Login to dumpster fire app store.

  6. Minecraft bails: not logged in to dumpster fire app store

  7. Verify login status.

  8. Minecraft bails.

  9. Reinstall Minecraft from dumpster fire app store

  10. Minecraft bails.

So basically, there's no way for me to legally use my fully licensed, compliant, non-hacked game on an unmodified Windows 10 installation.

This is why piracy is always better for the consumer. I will play Minecraft again, but never again the version I paid for. Microsoft is a blight on society.