Mysterious Acid

So, I'm currently trying to get chibi-scheme building in Plan9 again, but I'm running into a weird issue.

There is a character being read, and it's being compared to EOF. EOF is a #define of (-1), and the character read is a custom type of sexpsintt, which should be an intptr.

Long story short, EOF should be promotable to the same size integer as the character, which seems to work in a test app I wrote to investigate, but in the chibi code, it's not.

If I was more familiar with acid, I could probably break in there and get a much more granular view of what's happening, but unfortunately, acid is a magic black box to me. And the documentation that I've found so far does not shine any useful light on it.

Hopefully I'll get something figured out, because I'm increasingly thinking that chibi is the path forward for me to do functional programming in plan9.