So, I mentioned how much fun I'm having with OCaml, but I also mentioned that it needs work to get a post 4.07 version working, and that's work that I'm struggling with.

I also mentioned how much I like scheme, and I recently paid a visit to chibi-scheme again (that is written in C and likes to be Plan9 friendly) and saw that there are a couple of recent changes that are keeping it from working on this platform.

chibi is a very comprehensive scheme implementation, and it's r7rs! So I decided to try my hand at fixing the problems. I'm past one hurdle, and my merge request was accepted. Now I'm trying to figure out why it's hanging trying to set up the environment. Once that's done, though, maybe I'll shift my hobby work over to chibi.

It's now the thing that's checking the most boxes for me: runs in plan9, functional language, fun to program, and best of all - first-class 9p support.

Sorry, this is a bit of a rambler, but I'm mainly posting here to test some gemini syncing stuff. ;)