Chocolate Review: Droste Pastilles (Milk/Dark Chocolate)

The pastille is a piece of chocolate roughly the same diameter as a quarter and maybe 1/4 inch thick. It is divided down the center with dark chocolate on one side and milk chocolate on the other, which makes the snap interesting. It's stiffer on the dark side than the light.

The consistency is smooth, and it melts readily in your mouth. It's an interesting combination, because you can distinctly taste the two chocolate types.

The dark side is semi-sweet, and doesn't contribute very much to the overall flavor. It's good, but it doesn't reach out and grab you. The milk side is where a lot of the flavor comes it. It's a deep, almost woodsy flavor. It's not over powering, and it doesn't have what I consider to be a distinctly European flavor to it, but it's good stuff.

The pastilles are fairly mild. Not boring, just not over powering. I find myself eating through the pack pretty quickly.

Overall, the chocolate is good, but not something that really grabs me. I probably wouldn't pay the $6.50 price tag for it again, but I don't feel ripped off, either.