Well, my gergo appears to be dead.

See, I could have saved some money by building it myself, but I have no soldering skills and very rudimentary electronics ability.

So, I paid to have it built and shipped to me. Due to mail shenanigans, it took weeks to get here. Once it arrived I was super stoked to get right in and start using it.

But almost immediately I noticed a few issues. Once I walked into the office and I heard what sounded like a stuck key (the bell was dinging over and over), so I unplugged the keyboard and plugged it back in. I chocked it up to breaking in new low profile switches.

A couple of times the first time I'd connect in the morning, the keyboard would be in a weird state, like it was in the wrong keymap. I verified by going to the keyboard test page on

So, I'd reflash it with my keymap and it would work fine.

This morning, nothing. No response at all. No DFU mode, no indication that it's getting power at all.

It's frustrating. If I had built it myself, I might have some idea of what to do to troubleshoot, but I didn't, so I have nothing to go on.

I've reached out to Jane from g heavy industry, but communication latency is like, days, usually.


I don't know. I hate to have a really expensive paperweight, but I'm not sure what options I have right now.