Pathfinder and stuff

When I was a kid, the "DnD is evil" movement was in full effect. I never had anybody invite me to a game, but I also had no way of getting dice or books.

Now I'm a grown adult, and the internet exists, so I can get what I want. My family is all fairly nerdy, so we think we could have fun playing a pen and paper RPG.

I bought DnD 3.5 books (current, at the time), and then we never played. So, a couple of years later I bought the starter set. We played that, had a great time, and then never did anything else.

Then DnD 4 came out. I bought the books...and we never played.

5th edition came out. I bought the Player's handbook...and we haven't played.

Then, a game store opened up the street from my house. I went in and talked to the owner, and he told me of Pathfinder.

I'm excited again (and so is the rest of the family). I bought a bunch of stuff...books, campaign materials, GM gear.

This time for sure. We're going to play it, and hopefully, often.